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Excellent customer service, personal touch.

David G., customer since 1986


You are always so quick to respond to all of our needs. All phone calls are prompt answered. Thank you!

Pamella C., customer since 2017


Friendly, Professional

John S., customer since 1996


So pleasant and courteous to talk to

Robert H., customer since 2005


Joe and Leighann offer the best customer service! Everything is ALWAYS done in a timely fashion. I highly recommend the Bock Agency!!!

Customer since 2017


Best insurance Company in the area. They treat you like family!! They always go beyond what is expected of an insurance company to give you personal attention.

Gary G., customer since 2000


Fast reliable service....very efficient and informative

Customer since 1990 


Customer service is fantastic and prices are the best!

Christine F., customer since 2001


Excellent insurance products, great customer service

William W., customer since 1993


Great customer service. Always provide timely answers to questions, explain answers so I understand them. Friendly and courteous.

John M., customer since 1980


Your service was excellent. You were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend any one to use your services. Bill K.

William K., customer since 1977


You guys are constantly there to handle our auto and home insurance needs and in a timely manner.

Alfred H., customer since 1977


Joe and Leigh Ann are always very responsive and helpful. I have been with the Bock Agency since I was 16. Never changed or had to change car or house insurance for any reason. The Bock Agency has the best insurance prices!!!

Patricia V., customer since 1977


Very dependable. Always lookout for best interests of customer.

Customer since 1977


Affordable pricing, great service, and complete coverage for home and auto!!! Have been a customer for almost 50 years.... never disappointed!!

Robert B., customer since 1975


The staff of the Bock Agency have always been available to answer any questions or concerns of mine. Their attitude and dependability is why their service is number one to me.

Customer since 1977


You are always pleasant and quick to respond.

Customer since 1980


Always ready to help in any way they can!

Customer since 1977


The agency and it's staff are local, friendly, customer oriented, available and committed to finding the best options available. We started with them for our auto insurance and now have both auto and home with the Bock Agency.

Customer since 2017


Your quick response every time we contact you for service or questions is invaluable. Thank you!

Bryan M., customer since 1997


Bock Agency knowledgeably provided specific and pertinent coverages for the property under discussion.

Customer since 2018


You are very available and more than accommodating to my scatter-brained payments..

Georgene S., customer since 1987


Very easy to work with, explained policies in detail. Always available to answer any questions

Customer since 2017


You guys have always been more than helpful when I needed assistance. Very quick as well with finding me towing when I broke down. The rates are a good price as well.

Customer since 2014


Prompt, personalized customer service! Much appreciated!

Customer since 2017


Bock Insurance is always ready & willing to assist us with any questions we have. They are all available to talk to

Gary S., customer since 2006


Always there when I need you

Kelly B., customer since 2008


You get back to us quickly when we have an issue.

Roy C., customer since 1982


You always give a prompt response when I call and give great service.

Customer since 1983


never had a problem with the few claims I've had to make over all the years we've used your agency. Thanks

Customer since 2000


Always respond quickly and are knowledgeable about our coverage.

William B., customer since 2004


Always helpful and pleasant to work with.

Customer since 1994


Good service & efficient employees.

Thomas N., customer since 1985


Very friendly and always a big smile from both of you when I come in and make my payments. Thank you both for all the years of helping me with my insurance. Thanks, Charles R.

Charles R., customer since 2018


You made insurance simple. Good job.

William R., customer since 2012


Outstanding service. Very personable. Been with Bock for about 30 yrs. And I never felt I wasn't an important client.

Customer since 1991


great rates and always available to answer questions

David C., customer since 1985


The Bock Agency always provides any assistance needed on any insurance needs. It is our family source of home and auto insurance. My husband and myself and my son and his family.

Philip P., customer since 1987


You were at your office AND answered the phone when i called. You answered my questions in a professional and courtesy way. I asked you to email me something and you did right away. You mailed it to me as well.

Customer since 1997


I have been with Bock Agency for over 10 years now and I couldn’t be happier. They are always available for questions and even check in with us periodically to ensure our insurance needs are met. Leighann and Joe are extremely knowledgeable, and pricing is also unbeatable! I would recommend Bock Agency to anyone!

Andrea B., customer since 2006


I was very impressed on how you signed me up for Erie Insurance in 2015, and when I stopped in 2018 to add and take off a car you remembered who I was, even though no contact since 2015.

Douglas V., customer since 2015


My insurance needs are always met by caring, competent people.

Cindy L., customer since 2014


Anything you need Bock does it quick and fast, my experience with them has been great

Rena T., customer since 2018


I've been with Bock insurance for 45 years and I've always appreciated their courtesy and professionalism.

Gary T., customer since 1983


I greatly appreciate how willing you always are to answer my questions when I call. I am never made to feel that I am imposing on your time.

Customer since 1984


Great service for years. I have been with Erie for over 20 years.

Customer since 1999


The Bock Agency always provides great advice and is always available to answer our questions. Any time we’’ve needed to ask for documentation, it’s provided via email within minutes of calling. We’ve carried insurance with them for over 30 years and appreciate all that they’ve done for us.

Joseph C., customer since 1992


Always quick to answer questions and very helpful with my business needs.

Eric V., customer since 2018


Any time we call with a question or concern we are treated with respect and courtesy. We never feel like we are imposing or made to feel our question is silly or dumb. We are extremely pleased with Bock Insurance.

John B., customer since 2017


Leighann is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She has always been readily available and willing to answer my questions and concerns entirely and with haste.

Nika K., customer since 2017


All of my interactions with the Bock Agency have been helpful, professional, and achieved a goal that was beneficial. I could not be more pleased!

Franklin L., customer since 1995


Bock Agency is the best insurance company that we have ever had.

Customer since 2003


I have been a Bock Agency customer for many years. My parents before me were with Bock, as well. When the time came for my sister and I to get insurance, we naturally went where our parents had been satisfied customers for years. I am now on the 2nd generation of the Bock Agency family. Bob Bock, now retired, was a kind and friendly businessman that treated everyone with respect and good service. Joe Bock is now the head of this family Agency and nothing has changed. Kindness, respect and great service is their way. I am always greeted cheerfully, professionally and personally by everyone there.

Denita H., customer since 1989


The team at Bock Insurance was very helpful when I was shopping for insurance. Leigh Ann was great in explaining all the options available to me!!

Customer since 2018


I have been with Bock for several years now and have never been disappointed. Rates are reasonable and their customer service is excellent. Leighann always responds to any inquiry and is extremely helpful when answering questions. Great company to work with!

Emily E., customer since 2006


I love the personal touch...and this is what you receive at this agency. Both Joe and Leighann are very knowledgeable and attentive to any questions I may have. I am insured with them with both home and business.

Christina H., customer since 2002


Explanation of policies or options are very good. They provide detailed answers with all questions. Staff very professional / friendly.

Customer since 1993


I recently had a claim to replace my car bumper. The folks at the Bock Agency were extremely helpful in getting the issue resolved, giving information on the adjuster and repair shops in my area who deal with Erie Insurance. They helped me through a difficult time.

Mary Q., customer since 1982


Friendly and courteous

David P., customer since 1976


Everything! No matter if I have a question, claim or need to postpone payments you guys are right there and do everything you can to help me.

Stacey G., customer since 2004


We are very happy with our insurance coverage and rate and my questions are always answered promptly and thoroughly. You make insurance easy!

Customer since 1996


You are always just a phone call away with a friendly voice to help me with all of my insurance needs

Anthony U., customer since 2007


We are very satisfied with the Bock Agency and the excellent support Leigh Ann and Joe have provided. I have not had many claims, but when we do, the service is excellent!

Customer since 2013


Always available and willing to answer and explain any questions

Customer since 2010


Great rates, excellent customer support when we had questions or had to make a claim. Totally satisfied.

Jesse W., customer since 1984


Leigh Anne is always very responsive to my inquiries and needs and helpful with any potential savings or alternative options I may have no considered.

Customer since 2007


Great company to work with... I have been with Bock Agency for years now. Very reliable... They always get things done right away.

Customer since 1985


I love my Erie Insurance Bock Agency. I feel like family when I call to talk to their staff because I've been with this company my whole driving life, so when I call, they immediately know me by name and are happy to assist me with my needs. They are nothing but helpful and try to find the best deals for all different stages of my life. Anytime I ever needed anything from them, they are very quick and reliable. That is why I didn't even shop around when it came to purchasing my first home owners insurance bundle with them. They take pride in treating their customers with respect, so I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone I know!

Customer since 2004


You two do everything right in my book,,,,great working with you!

Adele M., customer since 2001


In all of my years as a customer, I have never had an issue with the agency. I have always received top quality treatment for every question, need, or claim i have had. I couldn't wait to get my husband on my policy when we got married because i knew it would be great for us.

Customer since 1999


Excellent, personalized service. Took the time to review my needs and provide the best coverage for very reasonable rates! Highly recommended!

Customer since 2013


I've had Bock agency and Erie insurance for many years, whenever I need anything they are there for me. Leighann and Joe are very helpful and Great service!

Customer since 2013


Easy to reach. Good follow up. Friendly. Efficient. Thanks for many years of great service.

Gary H., customer since 1983


Just being there anytime we've had questions and treating us with great personable response

Customer since 1977


Always willing to be available when matters arise

Stephen T., customer since 1984


Willingness to meet after normal business hours. Ease of combining my policies with my wife's policies once we got married.

Customer since 2016


We always receive prompt and courteous service. Everyone is a pleasure to deal with.

Customer since 1989


Everyone that we have spoken with has answered our questions to satisfaction. Everyone that we have spoken with has always been honest and has given us the best quotes/rates possible. Everyone that we have spoken with is very kind. No other insurance company has come close to your rates for our needs, and the customer service is outstanding.

John W., customer since 2000


Bock insurance agency is always there for you. They are always quick to respond to your questions. Extremely courteous. Even our daughters use this agency.

Cassie M., customer since 2005


Just that all transactions with Bock Insurance have been easy with no hassles.

Customer since 1977


We've had nothing but great service at Bock since moving to PA 25 years ago. Your office was the only one willing to take us on since we had no previous insurance in the state!

Denise G., customer since 1994


I think I'm getting a fair price on my car and home owners insurance. I especially like that you switched my policy to include underground utilities and my premium went down as a result. You were also prompt in getting me a loaner car when I had a deer collision and had my car repaired right away. Nice things are remembered and appreciated. Thanks for 30 years of good service.

Customer since 1982


I have had my insurance with Bock agency for many years. All of my questions and concerns have always been answered quickly and courteously.

Peggie N., customer since 1980


I think you guys have your ducks in a row and always seem to have your customers best interest in mind. I always like how quickly you respond to questions. Thanks

Michael P., customer since 1985


Friendly and prompt service always!

Lori B., customer since 1991


You offer great rates and you're very accommodating when I call or have a question.

Customer since 2009


You always provide a quick response with new insurance cards when we add new vehicles. You always try to find us the best rate.

Customer since 2009


You are always there for me. Your help and commitment over the years has been exceptional and greatly appreciated. Thank you Anna Kesten

Anna K., customer since 2013


Have absolutely no complaints....Joe has always been informative and helpful. Fortunately, haven't had to deal with Erie Insurance...sure hope they are as efficient!

Joseph P., customer since 2007


We have always had the help and advice we needed from you.

Mark E., customer since 1988


Overall excellent value and service!

John M., customer since 2009


Never had any problems

Douglas M., customer since 2011


I have always been very happy with your agency for at least 30 years now. Anyone I can recommend Erie Insurance to, I do. No hassle, no continuous unnecessary mailings and most importantly, great coverage! Karen Dinkfelt

Gerald D., customer since 1985


Always courteous and compassionate toward any losses when the unfortunate occurs!

Customer since 1984


Everyone is friendly & easy to work with. The phone is always answered and the staff have waiting for days to receive a call back. Everyone at this agency is friendly and approachable. I know I can and get any issue resolved quickly & easily.

Customer since 1995


There are only a handful of people in all of history who have helped shape Pittsburgh and Irwin to make it what it is today. Rockefeller, Mellon, Westinghouse, Carnegie, John Irwin...and Joe Bock. Since his high school days driving a Camaro, Joe has been keeping Irwin insured, one driver at a time. Dilly Dilly.

James M., customer since 1994


The BOCK Team has always been professional, fair, and very patient to address our questions and to work with us on ways to maximize coverage at reasonable cost.

Customer since 1991


Excellent service!

Michael V., customer since 2015


Fast and courteous! Always helpful and never leave me hanging!!!!

Customer since 2007


All ways helpful and quick to take care of claims filed

Judith B., customer since 1982


You were very competitive with pricing and gave me insurance information using apples to apples instead of oranges to apples. You were very prompt and friendly too!

Customer since 2019


For 30 years Erie insurance did not have a good reputation and your excellent service and pricing has erased that.

Roger D., customer since 1984


When I had issues, you helped and made yourself available to answer my questions.

Mary C., customer since 1984


You are there to explain things and answer my questions.

Customer since 1977


Very welcoming and easy to work with. Willing to help and provide lots of information!

Customer since 2018


I like that I get a real person every time I call and you all check in to make sure I add/remove things to keep my premiums where I need them to be

Joelene H., customer since 1992


Bock Agency and Erie Insurance are the best! I've had them for over 42 years. Great service and I will continue to keep their services!

Customer since 1985


When I had to submit a homeowners claim after an explosion at my neighbors house a few years ago, the Bock Agency called me to check on me personally twice in the few days following the incident. They weren’t calling for anything regarding the claim itself, but to check on me personally. It was something I greatly appreciated during a very stressful time and it proved to me that this agency truly cares about their customers.

Justin S., customer since 2004


Joe has kept us up to date on new offerings and what he feels may be good for us. There has never been any high pressure to purchase anything.

Raymond W., customer since 1980


Easy and accessible to get a hold of for quotes and answers. Prompt and courteous service

Customer since 2018


Always top-notch service.

Thomas H., customer since 1982


Excellent, friendly, immediate service. Always wants to do what’s best for the client!

Yvonne S., customer since 1999


Always available and answer questions quickly

Customer since 2002


I have been with the Bock agency for decades now. Their service is outstanding. I have always been treated with respect . Erie is a great insurance company. I have priced other companies but Erie is always the lowest price for me and I have never had a problem with a claim. I have both my home & auto insurance with them. That is why I stayed with Erie and the Bock agency for so long. Great people and excellent insurance.

Dale L., customer since 1977


Prompt, courteous and thorough service.

Customer since 1984


We have had Bock insurance for our insurance needs for many years. Always first class service with a fair price. I highly recommend Erie insurance and The Bock agency.

David G., customer since 1986


You guys offer the best prices and the service has been fast, easy, and friendly.

Stephen S., customer since 2018


Very responsive when we’ve needed help or had questions

Customer since 1996


Great staff and professional service!!!

Karen B., customer since 2017


I always get very prompt and courteous responses to any questions / concerns that I might have.

Customer since 1982


You know your stuff and have always been so helpful and quick with any issues or questions.

Customer since 2003


We have had this insurance for many years. Mr. Bock and Ms. Gardner are absolutely wonderful! Every time we've needed something they would take our calls or returned our calls if it was after hours. They have always given us great professional advise and helped us when it comes to changing our coverage and have never pressured. They really make the consumer feel at ease. I always recommend Bock Insurance to friends and colleagues.

Gary G., customer since 2000


The service is fantastic. My questions are always answered and I feel you always have my best interest at heart. I feel respected and valued.

Customer since 2001


We appreciate your friendly and prompt service. Very helpful to our needs.

Customer since 1987


Great service and very nice people!

Rodney Y., customer since 2004


Your service is so good one would think you are family!

Gary G., customer since 2016


Answered all my questions & if I had any concerns you got it all taken care of quickly!

Customer since 2017


You're available when we have questions and resolve any issues we may have. You are very personable and helpful.

Robert T., customer since 2003


We are treated with honesty and respect.

Alfred H., customer since 1977


Love the great customer service, personal care, and honest guidance

William W., customer since 1993


Always been there when needed!

Jason B., customer since 2014


I feel that Leighann and Joe are always very willing to help when I've needed them for guidance and/or helping with a claim. Very comfortable contacting them at any given time.

Jamie G., customer since 2018


Amazing customer service

Customer since 2013


Great service and petsonal attention. You and Joe are professional and courteous.

John M., customer since 1980


The staff at Bock's Agency are always friendly, professional and courteous. I have been a customer of the Bock Family for over 30 years and I can attest to their excellent service. Their concern for their customers is priceless.

Marcia O., customer since 1977


Always available to answer questions which I usually have a lot of when I do call and are always prompt in getting back to us

Customer since 1977


Appreciate the easy access and the prompt response.

Customer since 2007


I would like no other insurance agency other then Bock Agency. They have always been there. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Customer since 1991


Leigh Ann is very responsive and helpful!

Laura P., customer since 1984


Very personal and fast service when we need it!

Lisa M., customer since 1994


You are there for us no matter where our travels take us...

Customer since 1977


Bock Agency is great to work with. I like being able to work with the same people who know me rather than just some random agent with a large insurance provider. They are very responsive by email and phone which makes it very convenient. I recommend to friends and family all the time!

Lee C., customer since 2012


You are very helpful, accommodating and local.

Customer since 2017


Any time we have questions we get an immediate answer. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly!

Douglas S., customer since 1997


Always have been so helpful and caring when I’ve had issues

Customer since 1994


Availability to quickly and professionally answer our questions or concerns. Always giving clear explanations and updates to our policies. When necessary, quick responses and settlements of claims. Thank you for always treating us with courtesy and respect.

Customer since 2002


The accurate verbal and written communications along with prompt and frequent communications were very valuable to us during this transaction.

William D., customer since 2018


Simple , explained, and easy!

Donald J., customer since 2018


Bock has treated us great for years. They have actually called to offer us changes that have lowered our premiums and increased our coverages. Find another insurance company that does that!!

Customer since 2003


Courteous, professional prompt and friendly service

Customer since 2000


I've been a client of the Bock Agency for over 30 years. I've never felt like a "customer", but always as a friend or family member and my questions or issues always seemed important to them. The service they provide is top-notch.

Ronald G., customer since 1988


We have been fortunate and not had to call regarding any serious incidents. In the past with some very minor situations Joe or Leighann have responded in a timely manor and always professionally. Thanks

Customer since 1980


Always there for us. Would Never go anywhere else. We are very happy both with our auto and home protection.

Nicholas M., customer since 1996


You are kind man.

Sang O., customer since 2012


You guys are the best!

David W., customer since 1992


I appreciate your attentiveness when I have a question that needs answered. Leighann is quick to respond and very thorough.

Customer since 2003


You made selecting, buying, and paying for insurance super easy! I was set up with insurance the same day I called, you helped make sure I got the best deal, and anytime I had questions, you were super nice and more than willing to help!

Shelbie O., customer since 2018


You guys are absolutely amazing down to earth kind hearted and understanding I would recommend this agency to everyone!

Demi P., customer since 2016


Your agency is always there to help me with any questions or problems, & Erie Insurance is the best I’ve ever dealt with.

Alicia H., customer since 2002


Leighann always helps me out in a bind and answers my emails in a timely manner. I appreciate her

Kelly B., customer since 2008


You get back to us in a timely manner, always friendly, and always answer our questions in a patient manner--even when we ask several times because we do not understand the answer at times.

Customer since 1985


helpful when needed

Customer since 1985


The office is run efficiently and any time we had a problem, we were helped quickly. I've used you for over 30 years (my husband even longer) and I've always been happy with the service.

Customer since 1982


Have been with Bock Insurance for over 41 years. Simply said they are the best! Very helpful, very responsive.

Customer since 1977


No matter where we are in our travels, they are there to help. You do everything you can to keep us going. Started with your father, Bob, 40 years ago and you are carrying on the same great service.

Charles O., customer since 1977


My husband and I have been with Bock Agency since 1993. I have been with them since I was 16 and my father and mother were with Bock Agency. These years speak volumes about our loyalty and commitment to the agency. My mother who is 85 still carries Erie insurance through Joe for her apartment insurance. I have never had a concern or issue with Joe and his staff and before that when his father had the business. Joe and his staff are always pleasant and quick with getting answers to questions and I enjoy dealing with them. Joe is a good man and I hope that his business continues to grow and prosper. Good luck Joe.

Patricia V., customer since 1977


We have been with the Bock Agency for over twenty years for both auto and home. We have been loyal to the Bock's and Erie because they have always been loyal to us. Joe Bock and the entire Erie family has been in our corner whenever we have needed them which is the best judge of an Insurance agency. We have always appreciated their honesty and courteousness. It's the only insurance agency for us.

Dolores I., customer since 1977


I was highly impressed the quick response we received when a deer hit us in September. The response time was Fast and our vehicle was repaired correctly. That speaks volumes to us for a great agent to handle our insurance needs.

Mary A., customer since 1999


Always quick to respond and accurately provide information!

Customer since 2004


Good service!

Thomas N., customer since 1985


Friendly customer service. You always are friendly and helpful. Always respond with Info or answers as quickly as u can.

Customer since 1993


Friendly service.

Customer since 1995


We can talk directly to a person and you provide timely feedback.

Cosimo B., customer since 2008


Always helpful when there is a question. And Joe is a great guy and between the both of you its been a pleasure letting you both handling my insurance. Thank you both for all the great years and plenty more years in the future.

Customer since 2018


Great customer service! Bock Agency goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. Support small business.

Customer since 2009


For me, what I have always enjoyed about working with Leighann and Joe, is that they answer the phone when you call, they listen to me when I have a concern, and they work to make sure I am getting the best rates possible. I have worked with the Bock Agency for 25 years and I have been very happy with my experience since day 1.

Customer since 1993


Your agency is so easy to work with and any questions I have are always answered right away. I would highly recommend your service.

Richard K., customer since 2016


You guys are always there for us

Lorraine H., customer since 1994


Always there to answer questions and provide excellent customer service.

Customer since 2000


Keep doing what you do, you’ve serviced the Wiater family for a long time keep it up

Neil W., customer since 1992


The Bock Agency team has provided exemplary service for over 30 years

Michael Q., customer since 1983


Openness and honesty. A rare find nowadays.

William R., customer since 2012


You always respond quickly and have the best rates

Theresa W., customer since 2007


Competitive pricing and easy to work with.

Customer since 2016


Always available to assist and provide info.

Philip P., customer since 1987


Love the customer service agent.

Jenny S., customer since 2018


Joe and Leighann are always incredibly helpful and responsive. There’s rarely a question they don’t know the answer to, and when they don’t they find it and get back to me in a timely manner. Email, phone calls, whatever I need, they are always there and giving me the options that are best for me. Being in sales myself I appreciate that they work to find what best fits my needs rather than potential agenda. I have been with Bock for 8 years now and don’t see that changing!

Customer since 2004


Always there for any and all of my insurance needs and I'm completely satisfied as a customer, always A+ service and would always recommend your services to my friends and family!

Thomas G., customer since 2017


When I have a question your response is quick and specific. Best of all, though, are the Erie prices, best in the industry.

Henry M., customer since 1985


You don't continually pester me. I LOVE the one can come close.

Customer since 2014


Very nice communication with staff and myself. Took care of me right away

Rena T., customer since 2018


I really appreciate that when I call or Leighann reaches out that she knows who I am. I don’t feel like just another customer, I feel like she cares about what I want/need and never pushes anything on to me. She always gives me options if anything new comes up and I really appreciate that kind of customer service.

Christopher S., customer since 2013


In the 40 plus years we've been getting our insurance through Bock Agency, they've always been there to support us throughout.

Customer since 1983


You have always been available whenever I called in with a question. I am never made to feel that I am imposing on your time. Your customer service is excellent!

Karen M., customer since 1984


Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when we ask about the insurance policy we have.

Customer since 2004


Answered all my questions , and actually explained what the policies provided . were able to provide all the coverages I needed with one company, at an affordable price.

Customer since 2018


We appreciate the friendly, prompt service and the savings we enjoy from changing carriers.

John B., customer since 2017


I have been with the Bock agency since I was 19 or 20 years old. Joe and Leighann are great and really care about their customers.

Customer since 1999


Personalized, efficient care at the lowest possible rate.

Nika K., customer since 2017


Everyone at the Bock agency takes the time to understand your needs. The are friendly and trustworthy.

Lisa S., customer since 1994