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When Is the Best Time to Purchase Your Auto and Renter Insurance?

Unlike purchasing clothes, tools, cars, etc., auto insurance never goes on sale, therefore, does it matter when you purchase it? The answer is yes.

We are always looking for ways to help you and although your auto insurance may never go on sale, we want you to know when the best time would be for you to find a better rate. When shopping around for your auto insurance there are times when your rate will drop. Below are 4 tips that you should follow before looking for or purchasing auto insurance.

1. Clean Record. First of all, don’t shop for auto insurance right after having a claim, you won’t get a good rate. You want to make sure every person living in your household has a clean insurance record and has had that clean record for at least 5 years. Also, make sure all the driver’s in your household have good motor vehicle record as well.                                              

2. Insurance Company. Second, before calling around and receiving new auto insurance quotes, you want to make sure you have maintained the same insurance company for the past 5 years or longer. Insurance agents can see how many times you have switched agencies and if you have switched multiple times in a short period this can show that you are unreliable.

3. Good Credit. Having a good credit score will get you a lower rate. Not having a credit score is almost just as bad as having a bad credit score. With no or low credit your rate will always be higher.

4. Renter.  One more thing that could decrease your Auto Insurance rate is if you purchase a renter policy. Combining your auto and renter insurance will give you a multipolicy discount which will result in a lower rate. So, if you plan on switching your auto insurance think about switching your homeowner’s insurance with it.


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