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5 Reasons to Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance

5 Reasons to Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance

Insurance is a necessity whether you think you need it or not. And some of you may have just gotten thrown into getting it, not really sure where to get it or how to go about getting it. You also might not have known at the time that bundling insurance was a thing.

But why would you want to bundle your insurance? Although there are some cons to bundling insurance the pros outweigh the cons. Below is a list of reasons why you should bundle your insurance.


  1. Save Money. When bundling your home or renters and auto insurance, there is usually a discount offered that will help you save money so that you can put that money towards something you want to spend it on.
  2. One Company. In addition to a discount, you will also only have to deal with one insurance company. This will make it easier on you since you’ll only have to talk to and go visit one place instead of multiple places.
  3. Gaps. Dealing with one insurance company will make it easier to identify any coverage gaps in your policies.
  4. Less Likely to Be Preferred. Say you live in a high-risk area; insurance companies prefer not to provide coverages in high-risk areas but having multiple policies with a company will give you a better chance at getting good coverage in these areas. This will secure your great rates for sure.
  5. Know you Agents. Having one insurance company will give you the chance to get to know your insurance agents, which is helpful when submitting a claim or even just talking over the phone.


Now that you know bundling is something you need to do, here is the information you need to have on hand when going to your insurance company to bundle.

For your auto insurance, what you’ll need handy is you VIN number(s), your lienholder information (if applicable), and a credit/debit card for your down payment.

For your homeowner’s insurance, you’ll need the value of your home, the year it was built, the square footage, your mortgage company, your loan number, and your escrow account.

Did you know that you can bundle more than just home and auto insurance? Bundling insurance could also include renters, motorcycle, RV, and life insurance.


Protect Yourself with Insurance for your Business and Home

There are many pros to bundling your home and auto insurance. There also may be cons but weigh out your options and you’ll see that bundling is for you.

Be sure to protect yourself with affordable home and life insurance so that you can add this addition line coverage to it. Contact us today to learn how Bock Agency can help with your homeowner’s policy. We offer home insurance tailored to your needs in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania including the Greensburg, Irwin, N. Huntingdon, Pittsburgh, and Trafford areas. Request a homeowners insurance quote today.