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Celebrate Your Mom & Support a Local Restaurant #NorwinStrong

Celebrate Your Mom & Support a Local Restaurant #NorwinStrong

With everything going on around us due to COVID-19, you may not have realized that it’s almost May and Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away!

On Mother’s Day you should think about taking some time to thank your mom for everything she has done to make you who you are today. And while the mandated closures are still going strong, you may not be able to take her out or follow your annual ritual for the day.

Therefore, we created a list just for you with 3 ideas that you could do for your mom on Mother’s Day while also supporting your local business through this hard time.


1. Take Out, Delivery, or Curbside Service. Many restaurants and bars still offer take out, delivery, or curbside service. So, even though you might not be able to take your mom out to eat for Mother’s Day, you can still order her favorite food at her favorite place.


2. Stock Up Your Freezer.  Along with take out & delivery options, some restaurants also have premade meals that you can buy now and cook or freeze for later. Not having to worry about cooking a meal is stress reliving and makes for another great Mother’s Day Gift. Look into your local restaurants to see if they offer this.


3. Buy Gift Cards. Buying gift cards now and dining later could keep your local restaurants from closing down, and what mom wouldn’t love getting a gift card to her favorite local restaurant!


What better way to spend Mother’s Day than to show your mom you care while supporting your local restaurants at the same time. Furthermore, show your mom how much you care by making sure both of you are covered by having the insurance you need.


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