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Support Yourself Financially

Support Yourself Financially

With COVID-19 being around for as long as it has now, you may be reaching the extent of your emergency funds and savings causing you to struggle financially.

Therefore, with you and your family being our top priority we wanted to create a list for you on where to get financial help if you need it.


What is Erie doing to help out?

  • Waving late fees in certain situations.
  • Giving a dividend check for 5% of your auto insurance premium.
  • For more information on what Erie is doing to help out click here.

 Use aid programs.

  • Intelligently spend your stimulus check. (Bills, Loans, Etc.)
  • Unemployment is available.
  • Take advantage of free health care clinics.
  • Go to the food bank.

Find a Temporary Job.

  • While some companies may be laying off workers, others are looking to hire.
  • Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers.
  • Walmart mentioned that they plan on hiring 150,000 employees in distribution centers.

Consider delaying payments. 

  • Put your student loan payments put on hold if possible.
  • Look into your credit card company to see if they are giving the option to lower minimum payments or waive late fees during this time.
  • Call your auto or home loan provider and ask if they have a program to delay loan payments due to COVID-19.

Following some of the actions listed above and having the right insurance can help support your financial situation right now. Furthermore, click here to see how you could save money this summer!


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