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Vintage Insurance Coverage Meet Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Vintage Insurance Coverage Meet Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Nowadays, your refrigerator will notify you if you're low on milk, a washing machine can detect the fabric type and load size of your laundry, and you can start your dishwasher from a different state with your iPhone, literally.

Some of the most significant financial decisions we make happen on the showroom floor of appliance retailers, and Equipment Breakdown Coverage is one of the best ways to easily and confidently protect all of those moving parts.

What is Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

The Standard Coverage of your Homeowners Insurance will protect the appliances and equipment in your home from damage caused by fires, lightning, flooding, and other similar disasters.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage is an amendment available to your standard policy that will expand your coverage to include mechanical and electrical failures, such as:

  • Motor Burnout
  • Ruptures and Bursts
  • Pressure System Breakdowns
  • Power Surges
  • Damage from improper installation

All the "what if?" questions are packaged in an easy-to-claim addition to your Homeowners Insurance Policy.