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3 Facts on Career Paths

3 Facts on Career Paths

Keeping your job is important to keep you and your family living comfortably. Additionally, the life insurance your job provides you is important.  But, do you know how long the typical job seeker searches for a greener pasture?


Here are some facts on careers paths:

  1. The average length of stay at one job is 4.6 years. This number varies based off your age and which career path you are in but overall the average time is 4.6 years.
  2. Staying at a company less than one year was found to be the greatest setback when trying to seek new employment excluding economical situations.
  3. Staying too long at one job.  Staying at the same position may give the impression that you are not interested in growing your career or you don’t have the open-mindedness or flexibility to grow.


How much longer do you plan on staying at your current job? Furthermore, if your life insurance is provided through your current job, how much will it provide?  Moreover, what will your family do if you happen to pass away while in the middle of switching jobs?

Why am I blogging about employment?   Well the answer is simple…. While asking clients to purchase life insurance, the most common answer is that your job provides life insurance, but with all this in mind, do you believe this is sufficient?

Anything can happen and while we never want to see anything bad happen to you or your family, we want you to be prepared in the case that something does.  So, call us and take the time to explore the benefits of term life insurance to replace your income.


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