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4 Tips for a Longer Lasting Roof

4 Tips for a Longer Lasting Roof

Purchasing a new roof can be a daunting task and with roofs being so pricy are you prepared for that financial burden?

The tips above will help keep your roof last longer, but it won’t save it from damage caused by an act of nature.


1.Don’t forcefully wash your shingles. Get a broom to clean off your roof or have a professional come take care of it. Power-washing your roof yourself could cause damage that will not be covered.

2. Insulate Properly. Insulating your house properly especially where the walls meet the roof will help prevent the buildup of ice dams which leads to leaks.

3. Correctly place ventilation systems in your home. Condensation can occur on the plywood that supports your shingles from poorly placed exhaust fans and vents in your home.

4. Clean your gutters! Cleaning your gutters can prevent them from eroding and can stop the buildup of water which could lead to leaks.


We are always looking for a way to keep you prepared, therefore, we wanted to bring to your attention that Erie Insurance offers a siding and/or roofing restoration coverage.  When your current siding/roofing is obsolete this coverage will reimburse you to replace the undamaged area of siding/roofing.

Most insurance coverage helps reimburse for the cost to replace shingles that are damaged by a Peril We Insure Against.  Wind, Hail, Etc.  However, deterioration is not a covered peril and recommend that you replace your roof if it is undamaged. 

Our suggestion to you is to add extra coverage onto your policy so you proper coverage to help deal with an unexpected financial burden and mother nature.

Having siding and/or roofing restoration coverage will save you from the financial burden of replacing obsolete roofs and siding.   Call us to talk about this unique coverage and lets us help save you money on  your auto and home insurance.


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Contact us today to get the affordable coverage you need for your auto, home, and life insurance. Also, call us to add any extra endorsements on your policy including this siding and/or roofing restoration coverage. We offer insurance tailored to fit all your needs, so request a quote today.