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6 Insurance Tips on Trees

6 Insurance Tips on Trees

Trees may be lovely to look at when admiring nature, but they can also create a horror scene. Have you ever thought about what would happen if a tree fell on your house or car? Or maybe what would happen if your neighbor’s tree fell on your property?

While these questions could bring up horrific thoughts, knowing what your insurance covers may ease your mind. Therefore, below is a list of questions we get asked along with answers for you to know if you ever come upon tree damage on your property.


  1. Does my homeowner’s insurance cover tree damage?
  2. What is considered sudden or accidental tree damage?
    • An example of sudden and accidental tree damage could be if your tree was blown over or struck by lightning during a storm.
  3. What tree damage is not covered under my insurance?
    • Insurance companies will not pay to prune or maintain your tree.
  4. What happens if a tree falls on my car?
    • Your homeowner’s policy would not respond, but your auto policy will as long as you carry comprehensive coverage on that vehicle.
  5. What if it’s not my tree that caused damage on my property?
    •  You’ll have to pay your policy deductible.  Often times this damage is caused by weather and we cannot seek compensation from your neighbor’s insurance policy. Unless the tree was diseased, and you had notified your neighbor in advance of the claim.
  6.  Will my insurance company pay for my tree removal?
    • Some companies such as Erie Insurance will cover up to $1000 per claim and up to $500 per tree when it falls.   However, maintenance of your tree is your responsibility.  


Now, if tree damage occurs to your property, you’ll know what is covered and what is not. And if you’re still not sure if you are covered in a certain situation, don’t be afraid to call and ask!


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