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Do You Still Follow These Rules on The Road?

Do You Still Follow These Rules on The Road?

Many of us have been driving for such a long time now that it became a second nature to us, but this is not necessarily good. Since we have gotten this comfortable with driving, we tend to not follow some rules on the road that we once had when we first started driving.

Keeping you safe is our number one priority, and with car accidents being as common as they are, we want to make sure you still follow the rules on the road. Below is a list of rules to execute while driving, how many do you still follow?


  • You and all your passengers wear seatbelts
  • Correctly hold the steering wheel
  • Follow the speed limits and traffic signs
  • Don’t drive when exhausted
  • Don’t wear headphones
    • This could cause you not to hear an emergency vehicle coming towards you
  • Use your turning signals in parking lots
  • Turn on your headlights when using your windshield wipers
  • Use low beams when driving in fog
  • Leave a four second gap between you and the car in front of you
  • Pay attention to the road and its surroundings
    • No eating, turning around to talk, staring at your gps, making phone calls, and especially no texting!
  • Stop for school buses
  • Allow other vehicles to merge
  • Don’t cut off tractor trailers
    • Furthermore, passing in the right lane is illegal and you could be ticketed.
  • When approaching a stop sign at the same time as another vehicle, you let the vehicle on the right go first
  • When pulling out at a green light, look both directions to make sure everybody has stopped, and you don’t see any cars that look like they might not stop
  • Drive with insurance. It’s the law


We know how driving becomes thoughtless after a while but next time you get in your car try to follow these rules. Following these rules could save you from being in an accident, but in case you are ever in an accident we want to make sure you are covered.


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