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Whose Line Is It Anyways?

Whose Line Is It Anyways?

If it’s on your property, it’s your problem. When an underground line breaks you should know that they are not easy nor cheap to fix and could leave you with an empty wallet.

Before all else, it is important to us that you are able to keep you and your family happy and safe. Especially with your kids going back to school and all else that entails, it is nice to have some extra money around. But if you’re not covered and your line becomes damaged guess where that extra money will be going instead.

We and ERIE insurance know how difficult being a homeowner can be, that’s why they came up with a new coverage to protect to your lines. This additional protection will cover your underground lines from your house to the curb, hopefully making your life less stressful.


ERIE’s Service Line coverage includes:

  • Cable Lines
  • Internet Wiring
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Natural Gas Line
  • Propane Line
  • Sewer Pipes

This coverage is available when you add either the Plus or Select Bundle to your ErieSecure Home ® policy. But are you still unsure if this is something you might need? If so ask yourself, would you like to throw out a couple thousand dollars for damage? If you answered no you just ensured yourself that this coverage is for you.


Protect Yourself with a Homeowners and Umbrella Policy

Adding this coverage to your insurance is worth the price, what you pay now will always be less than personally paying the cost to have your lines fixed in the future. Don’t be caught without this coverage, it could cost you a fortune.

Be sure to protect yourself with affordable home and life insurance so that you can add this addition line coverage to it. Contact us today to learn how Bock Agency can help with your homeowner’s policy. We offer home insurance tailored to your needs in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania including the Greensburg, Irwin, N. Huntingdon, Pittsburgh, and Trafford areas. Request a homeowners insurance quote today.