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Why You Should Take Off Your Old Registration Sticker

Why You Should Take Off Your Old Registration Sticker

As of January 2017, PA no longer required registration stickers on our vehicles which saves us taxpayers around three million dollars per year. But when this change was made, did you take your old registration sticker off?

We know being pulled over by a police officer is something nobody wants to happen. And although other states have been notified of this change in the registration sticker, there are still some police agencies that are not aware of this change. Due to some not knowing of this change, PA drivers who have an old registration sticker on their vehicle have been pulled over because of it. So, here is our tip to you:


Take your old registration sticker off to avoid being pulled over.


Taking your registration sticker off might be easy but most of the time it’s quite a job. Here are some tips to help get that sticker off:

  • Use a wet sponge to loosen and scrub off the sticker.
  • Apply heat and use a razor to get behind the sticker to pull it off.
  • Use a magic eraser.
  • After pulling the sticker off use window cleaner to clean the excess left behind.


Protect Yourself with Auto and Homeowners Insurance

If you haven’t already, go take off your old registration sticker off now and while you are at it place a reminder on your calendar for when you’ll have to update your registration again.

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