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5 Factors Raising the Cost of Your Car Repairs

5 Factors Raising the Cost of Your Car Repairs

Since the creation of airbags and electronic stability control, the development of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, known as ADAS, has been one the greatest steps we have made towards our safety in vehicles.

Increasing the safety in your vehicle is just as important as the insurance that goes with it, and while we hope you never have an accident, we want you to be prepared if you do. And to prepare you even further, below is a list of 5 factors that could be increasing the cost of your repairs.


1. The Front Bumper. This part of your car holds cameras and sensors that control your automatic emergency breaking and other advanced features in your car. When the front bumper is damaged in a collision, all the cameras and sensors need to be recalibrated if not replaced completely.

2.Windshield. Along with holding sensors for automatic emergency breaking, your windshield also could contain cameras and sensors for lane departure warning. These cameras and sensors will cause your windshield to be more expensive to repair.

3. Side Mirrors. Most vehicles today have a blind spot warning light which can be located on your side mirrors. This safety feature also contains a sensor/camera which would have to be replaced and/or recalibrated if something were to happen to your mirror.

4. Rear Bumper. Just like the front bumper, the rear bumper also holds sensors and cameras for automatic emergency breaking. In addition to that, these cameras and sensors also control your back up camera and your parking assistance.

5. Headlights & Taillights. While LED lights may be giving you a wider and brighter advantage when driving in the dark, they most likely won’t help you see farther down a road and are more expensive when trying to replace.


Having these additional safety features on your vehicle will increase the cost of your repairs but they will also decrease your chance of having an accident which will save you money in the long run. And you know what will also save you money? Having insurance fit to your needs.


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