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6 Tire Tips for Your Safety

6 Tire Tips for Your Safety

Now that winter has come upon us and the snow is starting to fall, are you questioning about whether you need new tires?

Obtaining your safety is one of the most important factors to us which is why we put together this list. Below are 6 tips to ensure your tires are just right for you.


  1. Do not Mix and Match Tires. Whichever tires your already have on your car, stick with the same brand, size, load index, etc. Using unmatching tires could create unsafe travel for you and whoever else may be in your car.
  2. One Tire. Replacing one tire is tricky, so unless this tire is the only one tire showing treadwear then we recommend you buy at least two tires. And as said above, DO NOT switch the tire brand and type.
  3. Alignment. Every time you purchase new tires, you should purchase a four-wheel alignment for your car. Having a four-wheel alignment will ensure even treadwear on your vehicle.
  4. Tire Treadwear. Checking the pressure in your tires often will maximize the life of your tires, along with having alignments and tire rotations performed. Most tires will come with a tread life expectancy, but this is very hard to trust since the tread life of a tire depends on your driving style and the conditions you are driving in.
  5. Winter Tires. If you find yourself driving in snowy conditions, which we see a lot of around here, it is a good idea to buy winter tires. This is designated by a snowflake symbol when purchasing tires. Also, keep an eye out for tires called “all-season”. These tires are designed for any condition whether it be snowy, sunny, windy, etc., and won’t require you to change your tires for each season.
  6. Warranty. Most tires come with a warranty for any defects the tire may have, so even though buying a hazard warranty for your tires may put your mind at ease, it is not necessary.


Taking these steps when thinking about or purchasing new tires will make sure your vehicle is safe. We wouldn’t want your tires to be the cause of an accident right before the holidays.


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