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Life Insurance VS. TP

Life Insurance VS. TP

With the Coronavirus being World-wide, rather than questioning whether it will affect you or your family, you should be asking yourself, are you prepared?

Beside stocking up on rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and soap, you may want to consider stocking up on life insurance.

Purchasing life insurance is a time sensitive matter due to it being based off your age, gender, lifestyle, and health.  The availability of life insurance would be compromised if already diagnosed with a disease or illness.

Purchasing life insurance and other necessities will help prepare you and your family for this virus. 

Here are some tips to prevent you from contracting a virus.


  • Social Distancing
  • Cough & sneeze into your elbow.
  • Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.
    • If this is not an option, use hand sanitizer.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, etc., that are used frequently.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance from other people.
  • Stay home if you’re sick.


Preparing for the coronavirus should be top priority, which means you should obtain the life insurance you need today.  And while we hope that you don’t contract this virus, what would happen if you did? Furthermore, what would you family do if you suddenly passed away from it?  If you have questions about life insurance contact us by phone or email.  We will help you start a policy that fits your budget!


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